LetterBaby 0.3.1 on Google Play

LetterBaby 0.3.1 is now available on Google Play!

This release features text-to-speech (TTS) for all 130 images and some behind the scenes stuff for easier future development (code organization and bug removal).

I also added a donate version. This version is identical to the free version but please consider purchasing this version if you and your child have been enjoying LetterBaby! (If you purchased the original “full” version of the app, you won’t have to pay again. Android applications have a package name that ties the application to your Google Play account; since the package name has not changed, your purchase is still intact.)

Thanks for everyone who has purchased this app! I am so happy you’re enjoying it!

Looking ahead, the next release is finally going to bring the option for human speech, rather than the robotic TTS voice. This has been the main complaint in the comments on Google Play. The recordings just have to be finished and added to the application. I’ll keep this site up to date on the progress with the app.

Hello, Sound!

A LetterBaby Free update went out today. This version introduces a very much needed feature – sound! “Clicking” on the screen (without scrolling to the next or previous image) will play Android’s US English text-to-speech for the first few images in the Free version. LetterBaby Full was released today which includes TTS for all 125+ images.

Also, comments on the Android Market indicate that the app fails on small screens. I’m not certain if the app actually crashes on Android handsets with small screens, however, from testing in the Android emulator, it seems that I just need to provide a second set of images meant for small screens. Until then, those phones should not see the app in the Market.

Release v0.1.9 Coming Soon

I’m planning for an update over the next couple of days. LetterBaby Free Beta v0.1.9 will  be getting a limited number of text-to-speech sounds when clicking on an image. I will also release a $.99 Full Beta version which will have text-to-speech support for every image. The update will also include a few minor images changes/additions and a new icon (possibly featuring the dev blog cow).

First Release

LetterBaby Free Beta was released today for the Android market! It can be found by searching for “letterbaby” in the market. It’s also listed on several Android application sites including Appbrain.com. It’s an alphabet picture “game” meant for kids anywhere from toddlers to preschoolers – I hope to add various levels of difficulty in the future. For now it’s in its “beta” stages as a test/proof-of-concept.

LetterBaby for Android

Coming Soon!